Ciao, I'm Terry!

I’m the founder of this cooking school.

I was born here in Sorrento, a magic place, so I have to tell that I’m lucky. History, art, culture, stunning views and good food, you can find everything here.

I grew up with my mother and my grandmother, who teached me how to respect every single ingredient.

Firstly specialized in history and archeology, I’ve been an archeological guide in Pompeii for 22 years, then 10 years ago I decided to follow my great passion for food and I started to give cooking classes in a private Villa.

Me and my guests, we loved it!

Then I felt it was time to open my own cooking school when I found the right place, here in the city centre with a beautiful garden and a wide space inside.

So Terry’s kitchen art came out, with the help of the best staff ever, my family!

Here with us, you can feel home, embrassed by a big smile and a friendly team.

Our mission is to make your experience unforgettable, such as the taste of the dishes we’ll prepare together, using only seasonal top quality ingredients.

Welcome to Terry’s Kitchen!

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