Cooking School

A cooking experience is a moment of joy, not only a “lesson” but something to impress in your memory forever.

I want take you inside my passion, to let you learn as much as you can of our culinary traditions.

Should you be a beginner or an expert chef, a couple or a solo traveller,
it doesn’t matter. I just want you here to share with me an enjoyable moment.

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Food Philosophy

What does food philosophy means?

The food philosophy shoul be the pillar, the essence and the reason for a cooking school to exist.

My pillar is teaching how to eat correctly saving the pleasure of the taste.

Our mediterranean diet has been considered one of the best, if not the best, of the world. Is there a reason for that? Of course.

It’s the variety of ingredients, the balance of them and the use of the extravirgin olive oil.


Colours, lights, relaxed atmosphere, competence… these are the ingredients for a cooking experience.

You can fin all of them in my kitchen, where I created a colorful ambiance to welcome my guests.

We have a wide space inside with long marble tables, fully equipped to have your personal working station. The professional kitchen, instead, is ideal for cooking your menu.

Then the highlight, our garden where we grow herbs, chili peppers and much more.
A beautiful space where to seat and relax, enoying your drink and later your lunch or dinner.
A rarity in the city center!